Go Go Girl Costumes Provide Hours Of Entertainment

Published: 20th April 2011
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I don't think there are many of us who don't love those good old days from the 60's and the 70's. The music was great, the ambiance was peaceful, and the get togethers were huge. One of the best things that came from that era was the cool band the Go Go Girls. Their music rocked and their fashion sense was even better. The Go Go Girls Costumes that have been developed from that era really rock.

This group was only one of many that exuded a sense of fun and fashion all in one. From their short dresses to their platform boots, they helped transform how we women thought about fashion. These are a few factors that make any Go Go Girl Costumes look incredible realistic.

The first would be the vivid colors. The purples, yellows, pinks and vibrant shades of bright green were being commonly found in clothing during this period. If you are in need of a traditional go go girls costume, it should be along this kind of bright color palette.

Second would be the combination of paisley and geometric designs. Floral design was considered very popular all throughout the late 60s and the seventies. Besides flower designs on apparel, you can see paisley motifs along with geometric designs too. Paisley can be described as design that is comprised of abstract, strange-looking designs that is just like fat commas. This trend became more famous during the seventies. Through the nineteen sixties, geometric motifs became hugely popular.

Third would be the bare mini dress itself. An outfit wouldn't be really from this period of time if it isn't short. Folks had become much more receptive to the concept of sexual activities so they started experimenting with more provocative and appealing designs. Miniskirts and shorts are just a few of the styles that boomed in that period. When shopping for a go go girls costume, make sure that the hem will cut across mid-thigh.

And lastly, who can forget the platform shoes. During the sixties and 1970s, platform shoes refer to both sandals or boots. This is actually the heels on these type of shoes. Generally, this is available independently from costume ensembles. In case you are looking to to purchase platforms, make sure that the color also is bright.

Your Go Go Girl Costumes with look incredible with the above features and then all you've got to do is add some fashion accessories. A few of the favorites include big sun glasses, bright colored earrings, and necklaces with shiny peace-sign pendents. I can assure you that dressing in one of these amazing costumes will guarantee you hours of entertainment on Hallow's Eve.

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